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Winners 2021

Best Narrative Feature Film

The Adventures of Ben Keller and Christoph Schultz

by Bryan Steenerson

Best Documentary Feature Film

Xreens-At the Back of The Screen by Malga Kubiak

Best Narrative Short Film

Matty Boy by Shahid Kamal

Best Animation Short Film

Save Ralph by Spencer Susser

Best Animation Short Film

Justin and the Werloobee by Ken Yoffe & Ellen Weisberg,

John Vo

Best Director of the Festival

Yongki Ongestu for Heartbeat

Best Director of the Festival

Michael William Hogan for Breaking & Entering

Best Street Art Film

GRAFFITI by Rick Niebe

Best Performance Film

#6 Feet Apart by Lea Wülferth

Best Performance Film


Best Documentary Short Film

Lunky Business by Elmer Lang

Best Documentary Short Film

Atlântida by DIego Locatelli

Best Web Series

TempaKILL by Rick Williamson

Best Music Video

ADF by Arianna Lenzi

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